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    The Second Session of the 11th School Board Meeting

        On December 12, 2015, the Second Session of the 11th School Board Meeting was held in Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Secondary School. As the chairman of the Board, Mr. Choi Koon-shum presided over the meeting and made an important speech.

    As Mr. Choi said, thanks to the concern and support from the school board, Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Secondary School has developed and made some great achievements in recent years. What he hoped was that, for the better development of the school, the School Board would continue their support and offer more counsel to the school. As an international school, Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Secondary School is always aiming at cultivating qualified students, with the hope that more students can be admitted to not just Tsinghua University and Peking University in China, but also more world-famous universities in the western countries. Only in this way, as a typical overseas Chinese middle school, can the school get more opportunities to communicate with other world-famous universities and overseas Chinese colleges. Besides, Mr Choi also pointed out an important event for the coming year, which is the 150th anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s birthday. He urged that the school, as a school in Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s hometown, should be actively involved into this national event. Meanwhile, it should also make full preparations for the Forum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen to be held in Kyushu, Japan next year. In a word, Mr. Choi and the School Board would always support Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Secondary School to be an international, diverse, modern and famous school by every means.

    At the meeting, the school principle Mr. Gao Yi gave a report to the School Board, which is mainly on the achievements and progress the school made last year, and the good news that the buildings for the junior high department had almost been completed and could be put into use in August next year. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that Mr. Gao Yi has been working in Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Secondary School for 22 years, so naturally there is a bond between him and the school. Therefore, for the school’s development, Mr. Gao Yi gave his thanks to the School Board for their time and effort and asked for their continued support. As he put it, a nationally top-grade and world-famous school is always our goal, and by working together, we can finally achieve that goal.

    At the meeting, the School Board also reviewed the financial reports of the school funds. The vice chairmen Mr. Su Jitao and Mr. Lin Shutang also made speeches on the school development.