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    Teachers and students in ZSQZ played badminton with Zhangwei, the world doubles champion

    On the afternoon of  May 12th, Guangdong Elite Badminton Team made a tour to our school and the Chinese Badminton Men’s Doubles world champion Zhang Wei brought wonderful performances to teachers and students. Our school principal Gao Yi, vice principal Yang Shuchun, Lin Zifu, Chen Haiou and other school leaders attended the event hosted by Li Qiaoyi from the Guangzhou Sports Channel.

    Principal Gao Yi expressed a warm welcome in his speech: “In recent years, our school's women's volleyball team has claimed eight crowns and the men’s basketball team has won seven championships in Zhongshan City. In addition, the school badminton team and table tennis team have ranked the first place for five times and twice in the tournament respectively. It is my great honor to welcome the world champion Zhang Wei to our school, who brings us the chance to admire the charm of badminton. It is a great event for our school and we cherish the opportunity to appreciate the skilled performance of the world champion.” He stressed that the school is dedicated to promoting physical education at various levels with an emphasis on the development of featured sports in order to promote mental health and wellbeing of staffs and students as well as cultivate students' talents in sports.  Mr. Lin Haitao, on behalf of the Asia Pacific Institute of Badminton, hoped that this tour would provide an excellent platform for more students to participate in and fall in love with badminton.

    In the next performance, detailed technical review and guidance was given by Zhang Wei on students’ badminton skills and movements. Then came the most exciting part of the activities: Principal Gao Yi, vice principal Li Zifu, Chen Haiou battled with the world champion. For the teachers and students, nothing would have been more thrilling than to witness a match between the world champion and school leaders at the scene. In their tense mood, the spectators were rooting for the principal: “Come on! Go for it!” along with cheers and applause.