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    "the whole world as one community, the harmony of the world"——the 7th international Cultural Festival

    In order to memorize the 150th Birthday Anniversary of Dr. Sun Yet-son, our school held the 7th international Cultural Festival with the theme of  "the whole world as one community, the harmony of the world" at the Culture Plaza on 29th April. This event was not only for carrying forward traditional cultures, but also for enriching students' after-class activities with the concept of "Open Eyes toward the Globe and Open Mind toward the World".

    From the beginning of this semester, our school has held all sorts of activities, such as school cheerleaders dance contest, performances of playing music and reading poems, world foreign exchange, and so on. On the afternoon of 29th April, students showed the results of those activities. Meanwhile, they also preformed "Go-Green" fashion show and  cultural & artistic show,  opened flea market, set up game stations, and displayed literature works, and so on.

    The time background of the "Go-Green" fashion show was late Qing Dynasty in the early Ming, which recalled the old time features of apparel in China. Each class sent their represented models on the run way, who was wearing different styles of clothes and walking on the run way with the changing pictures on the big screen as the time background. On this scene, all reminded us of many important occasions which happened in our country between late Qing Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty. Also, students showed their own designed and handmade apparel on the "Go-Green" fashion show.

    In the Cultural & Artistic Show, school dance team, the Spring Bud drama club, school hip-hop club, electro-acoustic  band, and etiquette team gave their wonderful performance to us. In these kinds of activities, students had great opportunity to show their abilities of creation and imagination, which made them grow up and happy.

    The themes of booths in the flea market were set up by different ethnics of each country, which was so creative and special. The total 62 booths were line up and named after the featured ethnics in all over the world. Each booth had a distinctive slogan and displayed many kinds of merchandise which made customers too busy to stop and shop. All students were full of passion and energy with the higher and higher voice of sellers. There were also many cute anime characters walking through the flea market. The entire event not only brought much fun to the students but also attracted many "customers" to join.