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    Celebration of the 62nd anniversary of Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Secondary School Successfully Held

    On the morning of December 18th, 2016, the 62nd anniversary of Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Secondary School was held in the Senior Campus of the school. Over 1200 people were present in the celebration, including leaders of the municipal government, guests, members of the School Board, alumni, teachers, students and their parents.
    Choi Koon Shum, President of the School Board, spoke highly of the achievements of the school during its 62-year development and its progress in internationalization of education in recent years, especially its outstanding achievements in all aspects in 2016. Huang Yayi, President of the Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Secondary School Hongkong Overseas Alumni, on behalf of the alumni, extended the best blessings to her mother school. The School Headmaster Gao Yi, on behalf of the school, warmly welcomed all the guests and extended his heartfelt gratitude and blessings to all the people present in the celebration. He also congratulated Mr. Choi on his second term as President of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce.
    During the celebration, 13 awards worth over 4.2 million RMB, including the Award for Outstanding Teachers and the Award for Students Admitted to Top Universities, were given to the teachers and students who had made great contributions to the school’s development.
    Alumni also donated another 1.1 million RMB to the Alumni Education Foundation. Members of the School Board and alumni, including Yu Hao, Su Jitao, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Ruiqian, raised 1.1 million RMB and 10,000 HKD in total for the Retired Teachers Foundation.