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    Li Siqi,Our school 2014 alumni,won the championship in the National Beauty Contest

    On the evening of January 18th, the finals of Miss Asia 2016 National Campus Contest came to an end in Zhuhai area.Our school 2014 alumni Li Siqi,called “the prettiest schoolgirl of Zhongshan”, won the championship and was awarded a Bentley car with the value of ¥3,200,000.

    On September 23, 2016, Miss Asia 2016National Campus Contest Zhuhai—Zhongshan area began, and attracted over 200 outstanding contestants from all over the country to participate. The committee in the team of Zhuhai area particularly invited some famous celebrities and top media to serve as judges in the competition. Eventually, 36 contestants were selected for the semi-finals. After several intense battles and exciting challenges, Li Siqi standing out from all the contestants, captured the titles in three awards, Zhuhai Area Champion, National Final Champion, and the Most Perfect Skin Honor. Li Siqi is the graduate of 2014 in Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Secondary School, the winner of the Miss Asia 2016 National Championship, awarded a Bentley car worth ¥3,200,000.