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    A Grand Celebration of the Founding Conference of Hongkong Overseas Alumni Association of ZSQZ and the Inauguration of its First Council

    On the night of November 26th, 2016,  the founding conference of Hongkong Overseas Alumni Association of ZSQZ and the Inauguration of its First Council were solemnly held in the reconstructed junior high school of ZSQZ. Over 200 alumni representatives of ZSQZ got together to witness this wonderful moment.
    On the inauguration of the president and committee members, Huang Yayi, the president of ZSQZ Overseas Alumni Association in Hongkong, Jiao Yanshan, one of the vice presidents, all the vice presidents, and committee members vowed under the national flag. Later, president Gao Yi presented the warrant to Huang Yayi, the president of the alumni association and Huang Yayi to all the committee members.

    President Huang Yayi recalled the preparing process of the alumni association in her  address and even made its purpose clear. That is Loving our motherland, hometown and school and helping, motivating each other to make great progress, which is called Three love and three mutuality for short. The Alumni Association is aimed at getting in touch with the alumni from both and abroad, spreading the culture of our school, namely , strengthening the contact and communication between the alumni and our school, and among alumni, giving advice on the development of the Alma Mater, and contributing to creating a better school.

    On behalf of Alma Mater and the Alma Mater Alumni Association, President Gao Yi expressed warm congratulations to the foundation of Hongkong Overseas Alumni Association of ZSQZ and heartfelt thanks to its president, vice presidents, committee members and alumni for their hardship in the preparing process. He stressed that the alumni always kept their Alma Mater in mind, felt grateful and spent lots of time, money, energy in developing their Alma Mater, which was admirable. Gao Yi promised that ZSQZ would always be home to all the alumni and hoped that the alumni could frequently come back to the school and that they could continue to support the development of the Alma Mater so as to boost the process of internationalization and create an overseas secondary school which ranks top nationally and is world-famous.